Love Remedies Australische Blütenessenzen

Australian Living Wild Flower Essences

original Love Remedies australian flower essences

The evolution of flower essences

Guided by ancient aboriginal lore.

The Australian flower essences of Love Remedies are made by the Stepanovs Method.
With the Stepanovs Method, no part of the plant is cut or destroyed to make the flower essences.
This means, the plants go through no trauma and create more balanced, harmonious essences.

Love Remedies are a new generation of flower essences that are made from the vital energy of living plants. Traditional methods of creating flower remedies often involve plants sacrificing part of themselves to heal others. Love Remedies were born with the co-opration of living plants in their natural habitats in the Australian bush. They continue their lives in nature with all parts fully intact after the flower essence has been extracted.

There are 45 different flower essences of Love Remedies available.
Love Remedies Blends are combinations of five flower essences blended for a synergistic effect.
These are also available as Aurasprays and Environment Mists

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